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Fire Codes Board

The Building and Fire Codes Board consists of nine members who shall be appointed by the City Council

The Building and Fire Codes Board shall meet on call for the consideration of any appeals and to consider proposed code revisions and shall set the time for its meetings.  Three (3) members of the Board shall constitute a quorum.

Appeals to the Building and Fire Codes Board has a $100 non-refundable filing fee. Such appeals shall be made by filing with the Building Inspection Department a written notice specifying the grounds thereof. The appeal must be on an official application supplied by the Building Inspection Department. The Building Inspection Department is located at 800 Main Street, 2nd Floor.

Any person aggrieved by a decision or ruling made by the Building Official under the provisions of the Code shall have the right to make an appeal to the Building and Fire Codes Board within thirty (30) days from the date of the decision or ruling. The application Building Official shall forthwith transmit to the Board all of the papers constituting the record upon which the action appealed from was made. The Board shall within a reasonable time, but not exceeding thirty (30) days, reverse or affirm, wholly or partly, or modify the decision appealed from and shall make such order or determination as in its opinion ought to be made.  Any decision of the Board must be by a majority vote of the members present.  In the event there are only three (3) members present, a unanimous vote is required.  Every decision of the Board shall be in writing and shall indicate the vote made thereon.  Every decision shall be promptly filed in the office of the Building Official and the City Secretary. 

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