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Engineering Utility Plan Submittal Requirements

800 Main St.
Garland, Texas 75040
972-205-3614 - Fax

The utility company and its engineer are encouraged to meet with the Engineering Department to review site-specific concerns. This overview is a work in progress. If you feel that a particular item is unclear or more information should be provided please contact us for clarification.

The Utility Company or its engineer shall submit five complete sets of engineering plans to the City of Garland Engineering Department. All plans shall be submitted on 24”x36” paper and include a cover sheet with table of contents. The project name, engineer’s name, license number, and date shall be on all plan sheets and state “Preliminary Not For Construction”.

A complete set of Engineering plans shall include the following stapled together. These are minimum requirements, additional plans/details may be required where site conditions dictate:

  • The proposed, approximate location of and route to all facilities to be constructed or installed and the applicant’s plan for right-of-way construction.
  • Engineering plans signed and sealed by a registered engineer at a scale not to exceed one inch (1") equals fifty feet (50') unless otherwise approved by the Director of the City of Garland Engineering Department. A north arrow shall be included.
  • Details of the location of all right-of-way and utility easements that applicant plans to use.
  • Details of all existing City and non-City utilities and facilities in relationship to applicant’s proposed route.
  • Details of what applicant proposes to install, such as pipe size, number of interducts, valves, etc.
  • Details of plans to remove and replace asphalt or concrete in streets, driveways, alleys and sidewalks.
  • Drawings of any bores, trenches, handholes, manholes, switch gear, transformers, pedestals, etc. (including depth).
  • Handholes and/or manholes typical of the type of manholes and/or handholes applicant plans to construct, use or access.
  • Complete legend of drawings submitted by applicant. Applicant may submit a standard legend for all permit applications, provided the applicant submits updated or revised versions of the standard details.
  • Three sets of engineering plans must be submitted with the permit application.
  • The name, address and phone numbers of the contractor or subcontractor who will perform the actual construction, including the name and telephone number of an individual with the contractor who will be available at all times during construction. Such information shall be required prior to the commencement of any work.
  • The construction and installation methods and materials to be employed for the protection of existing structures, fixtures, and facilities within or adjacent to the right-of-way, and the dates and times work will occur, all of which (methods, dates, times, etc.) are subject to approval of the Director.
  • A traffic control plan including proper barricading, traffic detours, work zones, signage, etc.
  • A statement of compliance with the NPDES stormwater permit requirements and other provisions of the Federal Clean Water Act.
  • A statement that all necessary and applicable state and federal permits have been obtained for the project and that user is in compliance with those permits.

Engineering plans are reviewed for compliance with the following City of Garland documents and other criteria:

  • Right-of-Way Management Ordinance.
  • Traffic Management Standards.
  • Thoroughfare Plan.
  • Public Works Design Guidelines.
  • State Highway 190 Development Standards (where applicable).
  • Water and Sewer Master Plans (where applicable).
  • National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit.
  • North Central Texas Council of Governments Specifications for Public Works Construction.

Staff will notify the applicant of necessary corrections and comments. Resubmission of two to three sets of corrected engineering plans along with the prior marked-up plans will be required until “approval” is given to the engineering plans.

Full Engineering Plan Release

Plans are released for construction once all the mark-ups are addressed. An approval letter will be sent to the developer’s engineer, identifying the number of plan sets needed for stamping and details. The construction inspector will recognize only plans bearing the City of Garland’s RELEASE FOR CONSTRUCTION stamp. No unstamped plans should be present on the job site. The City of Garland will not accept any work constructed using unstamped plans.

All applicable fees and taxes must be paid.

The utility company and contractor shall schedule a pre-construction meeting with the Engineering Department at 972-205-2170 a minimum of seventy-two (72) hours prior to the start of construction.

The following permits, analyses, easements, plans, etc. must be acquired, completed, and submitted prior to full engineering plan release:

  • All engineering plans shall be complete.
  • Provide evidence showing compliance with the Corps of Engineers wetlands and waters of U.S. regulations.
  • Highway permits from the Texas Department of Transportation for any work within state right of way, if applicable.
  • DART License Agreement or Railroad permit, if applicable.
  • Excavation safety plans, prepared by a licensed professional engineer in the State of Texas, for utility excavation(s) exceeding a five foot depth.