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Public and Semi-public Swimming Pool Information

The goal of the City of Garland public swimming pool inspection program is to ensure that all public and semi-public swimming pools maintain sanitary chemical balance and adhere to the pool safety ordinance to minimize the likelihood of waterborne disease outbreaks and submersion injuries.

Swimming Pool Regulations

City of Garland Code of Ordinances - Chapter 22, Article VI

Texas Department of State Health Services - Standards for Public Pools and Spas

Texas Department of State Health Services -  Rules for Public Interactive Water Features and Fountains

Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act

Swimming Pool and Spa Permits

Each public and semi-public swimming pool and spa must obtain a valid permit to operate in the City of Garland.  The permit fee for each swimming pool or spa is $200.  If the swimming pool or spa is operated by a governmental agency, independent school district, non-profit agency, church, or home owner association (HOA), the permit fee is waived.  No swimming pool or spa can open until a complete inspection has been conducted, the pool or spa is 100% in compliance, and the health permit has been issued by the Environmental Health Specialist (EHS).  To contact an EHS concerning your swimming pool, please contact the Health Department at (972) 205-3460.

Pool Permit Application

Registered Pool Operator Information

Section 22.95(A) of the Garland Code of Ordinances requires that each swimming pool and spa must have a registered pool operator as follows:

(1)     Any person who operates a public or semipublic pool or spa shall employ at least one person who has a valid and current registered pool operator certification issued by the director.

(2)     A person is in compliance with the provisions of this section if there is one employee on the premises who is responsible for maintenance of any pools present on the premises who has a valid and current registered pool operator certification; provided, that semipublic pools owned by homeowner associations or maintained by off-premises management companies may utilize pool maintenance companies whose field employees are certified registered pool operators.

Registered Pool Operator Application

Inspection Recheck Fee/Inspection Credit

Each pool inspection performed will result in a recheck inspection, if any violations of this article remain uncorrected at the conclusion of the initial evaluation. The first follow-up inspection will be performed at no cost to the swimming pool operator. Any subsequent follow-up inspections will result in the assessment of a twenty-five dollar ($25) fee. The follow-up inspection fee must be paid prior to recheck inspection being conducted. When an initial evaluation reveals that no violations of this article exist, the person who operates the swimming pool or spa shall be credited twenty-five dollars ($25) toward the next annual permit fee.


2018 Pool Closures

The following swimming pools/spas were closed by the Garland Health Department for ordinance violations. 

  • ​6/4/2018  Meadow Creek Apartments - 518 Tacoma Drive - Closed due to main drain not being visible, no safety dividing rope, no ring buoy present, damaged gate, adequate fencing not provided.  

​Status: Reopened 7/2/2018 - violations corrected

  • 6/19/2018 Days Inn - Spa - 3645 Leon Road - Closed due to Chlorine - 50.0 ppm

Status: Reopened 6/29/2018 - violation corrected

  • 6/23/2018 Faulkner Point HOA - South Deep Pool - 4540 Chaha Road - Closed due to Chlorine - 0.0 ppm

Status: Reopened 6/24/2018 - violation corrected

  • 7/5/2018 Retreat at Spring Park - 2701 Lookout Drive - Closed due to Chlorine - 16.5 ppm

Status: Reopened 7/6/2018 - violation corrected

  •  ​7/11/2018 ​Faulkner Point HOA - North Deep Pool - 4540 Chaha Road - Closed due to main drain not being visible

​Status: Reopened 7/20/2018 - violation corrected

  • 7/20/2018 Town North Village HOA - 1925 Cobblestone Lane - Closed due to high chlorine and low pH

Status: Reopened 7/26/2018 - violations corrected

  • 7/25/2018 Firewheel Estates HOA - 771 Muirfield Dr - Closed due to pH > 8.0

Status: Reopened 7/25/2018 - violation corrected

  • 7/26/2018 Crow's Nest HOA -​ 5714 Marina Dr - Emergency phone not operable; No ring buoy onsite

​Status: Reopened 7/30/2018 - violations corrected

  • 8/2/2018 Creekside on the Green Apartments - 1702 N. Jupiter Rd - Pool gate not operable; pH < 7.0

​Status: Reopened 8/31/2018 - violations corrected

  • 8/2/2018 Faulkner Point HOA - South Deep & Shallow Pools - 4540 Chaha Road- Chlorine < 1.0 ppm; no emergency phone

​Status: Closed until violations are corrected and reinspection takes place

  • 8/16/2018 Garland Shoal Creek HOA - 6201 Eagle Nest Drive - Chlorine > 8.0 ppm (10.5 ppm); pH > 7.8 (8.3)

Status: Reopened 8/16/2018 - violations corrected

  • ​8/16/2018 Amber Creek Apartments - ​4386 Lawrence Drive - Chlorine = 0.0 ppm

​Status: Reopened 8/22/2018 - violation corrected

  • ​8/21/2018 Lakeview Village Apartments ​ - 4501 Bobtown Road - Chlorine = 0.0 ppm; Pool gate not self-latching

​Status: Closed until violations are corrected and reinspection takes place

  • ​8/23/2018 Chateau Estates Apartments​ - 1810 Beltline Road - Chlorine = 17.0 ppm

​Status: Reopened 8/24/2018 - violation corrected

  • ​8/23/2018 ​Landmark at Lake Village East - 6133 Marvin Loving Drive

Pool E-4449 - No self-latching gate; improper ring buoy

Pool Main - No safety dividing line; improper ring buoy; no functioning pool phone; improper chlorine level

Pool E-4268 - No functioning pool phone; no self-latching gate

Pool E-1343 - No safety dividing line; no functioning pool phone; improper ring buoy

Pool E-5513 - No functioning pool phone; no self-latching gate

​Status: Pools closed until violations corrected and reinspections take place.

  • 8/28/2018      Landmark at Lake Village North - 241 E. Interstate 30

                               Pool N-Office - No self-latching gate; Chlorine = 18.0 ppm

                               Pool N-3526 - Improper ring buoy

                               Pool N-3538 - No functioning pool phone; main drain not visible

 ​Status:  Pools N-Office and N-3526 reopened 8/31/2018 - violations corrected; N-3538 still closed

  • 8/29/2018      Landmark at Lake Village North - 241 E. Interstate 30

Pool N-3509 - Improper ring buoy; inadequate pool fencing

Pool N-4001 - Chlorine = 12.0 ppm

​Status:  Reopened 8/31/2018 - all violations corrected and pools reopened.

  • 10/9/2018 Wyngate Townhomes - 3901 Dover Drive - No ring buoy

Status: ​Closed for the remainder of the year



Miscellaneous Swimming Pool Documents