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Service Providers & Connections

Quick access for connecting electricity and water, trash collection, natural gas, telephone, cable/satellite TV, and Internet eases the stress of moving.  The information below should help you connect with these important utilities.


Garland’s municipally owned electric utility, Garland Power and Light (GP&L), is the sole provider of electricity service for approximately 85% of Garland residents.  Garland residents who live in areas not served by GP&L may choose any electric service provider other than GP&L.  If you are unsure whether you live in an area serviced by GP&L, you can email Customer Service.

Residential Water, Sewer, and Sanitation

The City of Garland provides these important services. To establish a utility account for water, sewer, or sanitation services, click here.  If you live in an area served by Garland Power & Light, all services, including electricity, may be connected with this single utility application. 

Natural Gas

Atmos Energy provides gas service throughout Garland.

Other Utilities

Residents may choose from a variety of service providers for the following: