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Service Providers & Connections

Quick access for connecting electricity and water, trash collection, natural gas, telephone, cable/satellite TV, and Internet eases the stress of moving.  The information below should help you connect with these important utilities.


Garland’s municipally owned electric utility, Garland Power and Light (GP&L), is the sole provider of electricity service for approximately 85% of Garland residents.  Garland residents who live in areas not served by GP&L may choose any electric service provider other than GP&L.  If you are unsure whether you live in an area serviced by GP&L, you can email Customer Service.

Residential Water, Sewer, and Sanitation

The City of Garland provides these important services. To establish a utility account for water, sewer, or sanitation services, click here.  If you live in an area served by Garland Power & Light, all services, including electricity, may be connected with this single utility application. 

Natural Gas

Atmos Energy provides gas service throughout Garland.

Other Utilities

Residents may choose from a variety of service providers for the following:

As of April 1, Verizon customers in California, Texas, and Florida will now be serviced by Frontier Communications. Should existing Verizon customers want more information regarding their Internet service provider transition, please visit http://internet.frontier.com/fios-network-acquisition/. For more information about Frontier's services, visit http://internet.frontier.com/Texas/