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Construction and Occupancy Permits

Alarm Permits:  Monitored alarms are permitted through the Garland Police Department.

Banner Permits:  Permits are required to display banners or any lighter than air devices (i.e. flags, pennants, etc.).

Certificate of Occupancy:  Certificates of Occupancy are required for all non-residential businesses within the city limits.

Commercial Buildings:  Permits are required for new buildings as well as alterations/additions to existing buildings.

Electric:  Permits are required for all electrical repairs/installations.

Fences:  Permits are required for fence installations.

Mechanical (Air Conditioning):  Permits are required for replacement of air-conditioning units.

Parking Lot Repairs/Sidewalks/Approaches:  Permits are required for some parking lot repairs and for all sidewalk and approach repairs.

Plumbing:  Permits are required for all plumbing work (including installation of RPZ and double-check valves).

Screening Walls:  Permits are required for screening walls.

Signs:  Permits are always required for new installation of signage and for reface/repair of existing signage.

Special Events:  Include parades, bike races, marathons, walk-a-thons, festivals, revivals, public auctions, church bazaars, circuses, carnivals, etc.