Commercial Inspection Program

Commercial Standards

Commercial Standards is tasked with enforcing State legislation and City ordinances that involve commercial properties in order to ensure healthy, vital communities. The department helps to maintain property values and a strong City tax base. This is accomplished by inspecting commercial properties to ensure proper maintenance and compliance with minimum standards.

Common Commercial Property Violations

Commercial properties are visually inspected from the exterior an average of once per month. The following are the most common violations.

  1. Building Numbers & Suite Numbers
  2. Encroachments
  3. Exterior Paint
  4. Graffiti
  5. High Grass or Weeds
  6. Parking Lot Maintenance
  7. Parking Lot Striping
  8. Stacking of Vehicles
  9. Sign Maintenance
  10. Trash & Debris

Buildings shall have approved address numbers placed in a position to be plainly legible and visible from the street. The numbers shall contrast with their background and be a minimum of 6 inches high and minimum 0.5 inch stroke width. Individual suite numbers should a minimum of 3 inches high.